Why do people take to the streets?

By | July 30, 2020

Why do people take to the streets?

(Mahmoud Sham)

Thu- Jul 30, 2020- 8:00 AM

Women’s make-up artists. A variety of feeders. Those who care about our health and fitness. Wedding planners. Concentrating on the education and training of our future generations. Everyone is protesting outside press clubs to be allowed to open their own businesses. The shutdown began in the third week of March and is now approaching August.

I am wondering why we have to take to the streets to get our rights. Why is there no system where all sections and circles of the country are interconnected? All matters should be settled through mutual discussion. We do not have a basic link of governance at all. Is nominal and involuntary. Let’s talk about that today. But first of all, congratulations on Eid-ul-Adha. In the days of Corona, we also wore Eid-ul-Fitr masks. Celebrated with social distance. Not fun Now this Eid of Sacrifice is coming in such a world. Cows and goats are making their presence felt in the streets. Whether the rules and regulations can be followed or not. It will be estimated in a day or two. This is the stage of complete eradication of the epidemic and restoration of normalcy. This is being said globally now. Things will not return to normal. Rather, we are now normal. New Normal will be adopted.

Nowadays, there is talk of two years of Imran government. Anarchy within anarchy. I suggested on social media that not only the government but also the opposition should be seen for two years. Even of the judiciary. Even the army. These are all pillars of the state. Take a look at two years of media, said one sympathizer. The result of this review will be that. Shame on you too, shame on me too.

In two years, six months were devoted to Corona. The psychological benefits will surely accrue to the rulers because the disaster was sudden anyway. But in comparison, our management skills have been tested.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. In societies where all the pillars of the state are doing their work. All the components of democracy are fully functional. There, the problems of each class are solved automatically under one system. Becomes a mechanism. We have federal and provincial governments in the political arena. Senate National Provincial assemblies are very active. Especially in rhetoric. But in every political age, the foundation of democracy or the first step of the democratic ladder is ignored as the beloved of the army. History has shown that local bodies do not turn a blind eye to our political rulers. See you every year since 1970. Municipal corporations in a non-military era. Committees. Union committees do not seem to be functioning properly. In the early days of Pakistan, the local government system established by the British was running very strongly. In both East and West Pakistan. On August 25, 1947, the Karachi Municipal Corporation hosted a grand reception in honor of the Founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Thus, on March 26, 1948, the citizens of Chittagong held a reception for their leader. When the heads of friendly countries came, the local bodies used to hold welcoming ceremonies in their honor. The key to the city was presented to them.

After the Martial Law of 1958, General Muhammad Ayub Khan established a strong basic democratic system in both arms. And then the same 80,000 local government members made their constituency. Since then, political leaders have made the local government system the target of their hatred. Then there is the fact that under elected political governments, local bodies remain largely unelected. Favorite people are made administrators. When unelected military governments come, elected local bodies come into being.

In the era of global epidemics, we have seen that in the world where Corona has been fought with foresight and success, local bodies have played a pivotal role. Local governments run the country. Maintain discipline Keeping in touch with people. Improving health. They have been effective in keeping mental anxiety at bay.

Lockdown Complete or smart. It has also been made successful by the provincial governments with the advice of the local governments. Restrictions on social distances. Elected councilors in these countries also wear masks. Mayors The chairmen have performed their duties very diligently. Local bodies. The hands of the provincial and central governments have been.

Now, as the epidemic subsides, the local government is better off. Can move towards a new routine in a more organized way. This counselor. Chairman. Mayors look at the situation in their respective areas, schools, colleges and universities. Restaurants Marriage halls. Gymnasium Beauty parlors. And in consultation with other businesses, they can set a timetable for opening a business. With five to six months of business closed, the middle class is certainly facing serious difficulties. Their own expenses. Electricity and water bills. And other obligations. The pressure of the plague. Psychological effects. Then financial difficulties. Governments have a responsibility to communicate with the people themselves. Provide facilities for them so that the already troubled sections do not have to take to the streets to protest. Now that the rains are heavy. Then the feeling of inactivity of local bodies is doubling. There should be no need to meet the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister on every small issue. Establish a gradual evolutionary system. Believe that only an empowered local government system can save democracy from many storms. Can give birth to new generations of leaders

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