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By | July 24, 2020

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A few weeks ago, news came that Sushant Singh Rajput, a popular young actor from India, had committed suicide. Anyone who heard that news was surprised. Even because Sushant Singh was a very famous actor, many of his films were hits and he was popular among the younger generation. Why would a seemingly successful person earning crores of rupees a year suddenly end his life, this idea came to everyone’s mind. Two types of storms arose in India after this incident. After Sushant’s death, it was discovered that he had been cut off from his films by three or four major filmmakers, much to his chagrin. A campaign was launched on social media to discourage nepotism in Bollywood and boycott the companies that cast Starkids. Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, Shardha Kapoor, Sonakshi Sharma, Something special was written against Sonam Kapoor etc. that these people block the way of newcomers, cast their brothers, nieces, nephews and so on. Kangana Ranaut and two or four others openly accused Karan Johar and others of nepotism. He said that it was because of these brutal attitudes that Sushant and outsiders like him end their lives in despair.
There was also noise about Sushant’s death. Some people went to court to have the death investigated. It seemed to him that it was a case of murder rather than suicide. Indian YouTubers are just like us. Videos are being made on Pakistani YouTube about the world’s nonsense and false news, the common man comes to believe in them without thinking. In India, this work is many times more than us. There are also hundreds of thousands of big YouTubers who have become millions of subscribers. There were also many videos on this incident which tried to prove with various fabricated theories that Sushant did not commit suicide, but killed him. has been.
It was all wrong and a lie. When Sushant Singh committed suicide, he was not alone but had three or four friends besides two employees in his flat. The police investigation revealed that the late actor was a chronic patient of depression and also had bipolar disorder. He was treated by a Mumbai-based psychiatrist, who had stopped taking drugs shortly before his death. Depression worsened, leading to suicide. The devastation of the will of depression became apparent after Sushant’s death. Earlier, Deepika Padukone, a well-known and popular actress from India, had openly admitted that she had suffered from depression in the past and those days were very painful for her. The next day, while searching the net, I read a report that named many of the world’s most famous people who suffered from depression at some point in their lives. Among them was Australian swimmer Michael Phillips, who set several world records and won several Olympic gold medals. Was also “I’ve had depression for many years, but I’ve never told anyone for fear that people will make fun of me and think I’m crazy,” Phillips told the reporter. Time is of the essence and depression is a normal disease, it should be explained. ”
In the days when I was staying in a hostel, a boy doing a house job in a nearby room was suffering from depression. I lived in a doctors’ hostel, so the students could understand my partner’s problem. He would not have been ridiculed, but no one had any idea what the real situation of depression was. Two or four times we went to give him company, as is usual, everyone would advise him not to take the tension, relax. Nothing happens and so on. He would answer helplessly, not in my bus. I try my best to be happy, to walk, but it doesn’t work. One day he said that it felt like I was lying in a blind well and there was no one to pull me out. We sympathized with him with great enthusiasm and said that we are with you, do not think alone, etc. The sadness in his eyes could not be lessened. I don’t know where he will be nowadays, he was undergoing treatment, may God bless him.
We have very little awareness of depression, people don’t even consider it a disease, they associate it with some madness. Depression is not insanity, it is a mental illness, such as diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Physical illnesses. The symptoms of depression are similar to sadness, so people can not tell the difference between the two symptoms of depression. Lack of sleep, too much or too little sleep, skin hypertension, extreme fatigue and lethargy, weight loss without effort, lack of energy, not doing things that used to be done happily, self-defeating and These include understanding the burden, not focusing on things, having difficulty making decisions, wanting to die, attempting suicide, and so on. Some of them are due to depression or trauma. Remember that we all go through a state of grief, sorrow or trauma at some point in our lives. Death of a loved one, loss of employment, termination of career, stigma for some reason, failure of love or break up of marriage, partial disability in an accident, etc. In such a situation, a person spends some time in a state of sadness and anxiety, the memories of the departed make him sad, he does not want to eat, he cannot go anywhere, and so on and so forth. This is a normal state, in a few days a person gradually comes out of this state and this state of sadness is not constant, at some point a person becomes normal and then when he remembers, sadness prevails.

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