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By | July 24, 2020

* Freedom of thought if thought is raw *

* (Irshad Ahmad Arif) *

* Fri- Jul 24,2020- 8:00 AM *

The advantages and disadvantages of social media are being debated all over the world. The Quran has stated an eternal principle regarding alcohol. Its disadvantages outweigh the benefits. Social media also needs to be tested on the same principle. Freedom activists, however, insist that the state, parliament, courts and any institution do not have this right. Regularizing social media is tantamount to depriving a person of his fundamental right to freedom of expression. But when I asked the PTA, they were upset.
Freedom is a God-given blessing and freedom of thought is the key to the intellectual evolution and mental stability of a society. Victory
Freedom of thought is their destruction
Don’t have the style of thinking
Thoughts, if crude, then freedom of thought
How to make man an animal
The establishment of Pakistan was the result of the relentless struggle of the liberating Muslims and the intellectual rigor of Iqbal and Quaid. How did we as a nation treat freedom? The issue of freedom of thought is no different from national freedom. After regular media, the government is trying to cut back on social media and we are giving a decade of freedom of expression, but under the guise of freedom of expression, parental freedom on social media for some time. We are forgetting the persecutions that were committed in the name of freedom of thought in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Not once, but repeatedly. Regionalism, sectarianism, linguistics, racial hatred and anti-Pakistan sentiment were promoted. Records of misbehavior have been established
The paid employees of our religious, political and nationalist organizations, the highly educated, the bearers of moral values and the self-sacrificing defenders of the sanctity and honor of their own leadership.
Encouraged by parental freedom on social media, some quarters violated the code of conduct of the regular media and tried to promote foreign agendas. Prevailed and unbridled freedom was considered a basic human right. Iqbal probably understood the condition of the nation. Victory
Who has the courage to bite a Muslim?
Freedom of thought is a blessing from God
If he wishes, he can burn the Ka’bah
If he wants, he can do it
By making the Qur’an a playful interpretation
Even if he invents a new law himself
Is a one-sided spectacle in the Kingdom of India
Islam is imprisoned, Muslim is free
The Washington Post published a revealing report in February this year on how the CIA set up a company to spy on several countries, including Pakistan, “instigate insurrections and gain access to sensitive institutions” that made social media a blessing in disguise. They are trying to protect themselves from the grip of institutions. I don’t know how free and independent they are and what is the real agenda? Who gave them? Freedom of thought or disgust in countries like Pakistan. Ethnic, linguistic and professional hatred. And what happened to the plan and conspiracy to tear apart national unity? No one is ready to think or listen. The institution of the state is the rule of law and human society
It came into being to run according to moral and social values, not to promote animal freedom.
We are in the grip of feudal lords, capitalists, mullahs, atheists and mafias who have hijacked our freedom and the whole nation is content with mental slavery. Any restriction on social media that is a divine right granted to freedom of expression. Contrary to the Constitution and the established rules, it is not acceptable at all. In Pakistan, it is apparently not possible for China, Saudi Arabia or Occupied Kashmir to impose any unconstitutional, un-Islamic ban on the government or any power. Achieve results but regulatory rules? I don’t think that a serious thought can make a person angry. Till yesterday, even the intellectuals and scholars and writers who were disturbed by the social media mujahideen of various political and regional parties and were annoyed by the gossip against the holy personalities, would be surprised if they opposed the legislation. Then why object to the motherland of the mixed mafia, the big seller mafia, the smuggler, the hoarding mafia, the religious and political dream seller mafia? What is the ban on issuing fatwas from the pulpit? They can do whatever they want. Everyone has freedom. Freedom for hoarding by traders. Freedom of hoarding and adulteration. Freedom of lending to industrialists and investors. Freedom for politicians to break the law and misappropriation of national resources, freedom of religious scholars to interpret divine verses and to decide the deeds and faith of God’s people, to hurt the public feelings and sentiments of intellectuals Freedom of teasing, freedom of the journalist to spread discord in the name of freedom of expression, corruption and nepotism of rulers and workers of the empire, unlimited and endless freedom of friendship, lies, deception, robbery and humiliation of guilty minds. Freedom, constitution, law, even the people go to hell. How can the state or government take away someone’s

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