In the name of Kahra Madrassas to disqualify the ineligible!

By | July 30, 2020

Many times the question arises in the minds as to why only the punishment of adultery was kept so strict in the Shariah.

Here, when we turn to the Qur’an, we find that where only the right of Allah is concerned, Allah adopts a gentle attitude and where the right of the servant

meets the right of Allah, then Allah adopts a strict attitude.

The victims of adultery of two persons are not two individuals, two families, two nations, two groups or two tribes but the entire Ummah.

The punishment for adultery is so great that it is not to be done in secret, but in public.

And every stone will make a wound on the body until the soul dies.

Come, that is, unless the adulterer bathes in his own blood, his repentance will not be accepted

But is Allah so unjust that He has punished such a great sin but has not taught us any trick or method to avoid it?

Allaah has given this ummah a complete plan to avoid this sin through the Qur’aan and hadeeth through His Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

Let’s take a look at all of them

Do not go into anyone’s house or room without permission.

Brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, ask permission before going to the room.

And today non-compliance with this command is also deteriorating mahram relationships

Go to private rooms with Muharram permission and do not go to strangers at all.

So as not to see each other in inappropriate condition.

Attend only men in Segregated Rooms ie drawing rooms etc.

Don’t serve women at all, whether they are cousins ​​or in-laws.

But the tragedy is that in our country, cousins ​​openly go to cousins’ rooms, teasing, jokes and outings.

And at the same time the devil makes his war.

Women remember that men are strong and women are submissive.

Is it possible for a woman to want to be chaste and a man not to allow her to be chaste?

Eye protection Keep your eyes down and protect your modesty

Fathers, brothers, friends are meeting and laughing.

This habit of men and women comes to the fore in marriage when immorality is at its peak.

If two blind people are sitting face to face, they do not know what the person in front is like, how old is he?

But the Shari’ah forbids the sighted and the blind to sit face to face, as is proved by the hadith of Abdullah bin Umm Maktoum.

Women and men are often forced to speak, such as in the market.

Covering up is not the only solution to the problem but also lowering the gaze.

There is veil and thing and adornment and thing.

The female limbs are the limbs that cover the adornment in prayer.

Try to hide the adorned limbs even from mahram men in this time of fitna.

After death, Allah Almighty says to cover the woman in four garments and send her to the grave.

We women have made it a habit to wear two pieces of clothing in our life and now we also make boutiques in double order.

Because today women do not agree to wear even three clothes.

A Muslim woman has a prayer veil over a non-mahram woman and a non-Muslim woman.

That is to cover the rest of the body except the face, both hands and feet.

But here waxing is also done and facials are also done.

Men cannot wear shorts in public or at home.

If the men of the house are modest, then the women of the house will also put their modesty first.

Otherwise the first deterioration starts from the home environment.

Improper dress of mothers and sisters cause lack of modesty in the men of the house.

When a woman did not take care of her seventies, Muharram became the enemy of Muharram.

When the limits set by Allah are not observed, fathers will make their daughters lawful for themselves and brothers and sisters will be lawful for themselves and brothers-in-law will be

lawful for their sisters-in-law and sisters-in-law for their sisters-in-law.

Please remove the atmosphere of immorality from your homes.

The purpose of their marriage is to keep the society pure.

Because a widow or a divorcee has gone through a period of conjugal life and delay or refusal in their marriage can lead to the deterioration of society.

This rule also applies to a man whose wife dies or divorces him.

The only man who insists on marriage is the one who wants to be pure and seek peace only from his wife.

Otherwise, the society is full of dirty people who consider marriage as a burden because they are getting everything even without embracing this burden.


(Mahmoud Sham)

Thu- Jul 30, 2020- 8:00 AM

Women’s make-up artists. A variety of feeders. Those who care about our health and fitness. Wedding planners. Concentrating on the education and training of our future generations. Everyone is protesting outside press clubs to be allowed to open their own businesses. The shutdown began in the third week of March and is now approaching August.

I am wondering why we have to take to the streets to get our rights. Why is there no system where all sections and circles of the country are interconnected? All matters should be settled through mutual discussion. We do not have a basic link of governance at all. Is nominal and involuntary. Let’s talk about that today. But first you have to celebrate Eid
[8:11 am, 30/07/2020] +92 302 5473266: Very important article regarding madrassas in daily Sahafat today !!!

In the name of Kahra Madrassas to disqualify the ineligible!

Written by Saadullah Saadi

The light went out at half past one in the night, the heat opened the eyes and the body was drenched in sweat. The buzzing of mosquitoes played a major role in sleep deprivation. The body was heavy and the bed was not ready for separation. Barely getting up and peeking out of the window, the night was spread out. The moon hid its half-face like Hasina in the clouds. In this case, sleep is completely camphor. He got up and started walking in the yard. The flow of ideas began to grow and I finally thought why not make this time valuable. He picked up a pen and began to write. Nowadays, the people of madrassas are well versed in satire and satire. Why don’t I write something on this subject!

On Saturday, July 11, 2020, from Karachi to the rugged mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral … from Kashmore to the remote areas of Balochistan, Settled in Nasheman of a thousand examination centers.

More than eight lakh people came to the examination centers, examinations were held, thousands of teachers went. The world saw news spread on the media that exams were held with full SOPs. These bearded turbans, these high shalwar kameez adorned and hats on their heads. They also wore masks and sanitizers and sat far away and millions of people came and took exams and left. Not a single Corona’s prophecy was seen. Not a single positive came out. Peacefully, with full precautions, they wrapped up their work and left.

Programmed by BBC London. Programmed by Indi Pandit. Voice of America installed cameras and took reports and programs. Everyone has shown the world that these are the people who are ridiculed for being stereotyped. Which are interpreted with conservatism. Which are called illiterate. Those who are said to have no education have no education. Today they cried red in front of the whole world. By ending the educational stalemate, the people of the madrassas once again restored the prosperity of education. And he made his claims a reality that we are conducting examinations with full SOPs. We are more concerned about the Pakistani people and Pakistani students than you.

Today, the whole world is shocked that these are the people we used to consider ignorant of the alphabet of modern world technology. Today, they have beaten all the modern educational institutions in Pakistan. Despite the cooperation of the government and all institutions, he could not open a school. Could not open a college, could not restore education in a university. Today, these bearded men have turned all your worries, rumors, fears and suspicions into water. Today, the whole world is crediting this great achievement to the wise, far-sighted, far-sighted and insightful leadership of the Federation of Madrassas.

Some inconsiderates who talk big about their height. Those who do not get tired of talking about the people of madrassas and the people of Qur’an day and night. They use foul language about the people of Allah, about those who turn away from the words of Allah and the words of the Messenger. Those who have the Qur’an in their hearts. Whose chests are lush with the hadiths of Mustafa (peace be upon him). Whose minds have preserved Islamic history. He has protected Islamic philosophy. The names of men, the sciences of the Qur’an, the sciences of hadith, the sciences of commentary and the sciences of jurisprudence who have preserved. They throw mud at them.

They do not have the ability to talk about the people of God. They are the bearers of the Qur’an. By sitting on mats, they make their mark in modern sciences as well as religious sciences. From here people got up and went all over the world. They have become professors, they have become engineers. They have become doctors. They have become scientists. Students from 60 countries come here to study. No college in Pakistan, no university or modern institution can offer a student who can come and study here from other countries. Pakistani madrassas are number one in the world. The education of the whole world is not equal to the religious education here. There are Pakistani madrassas that are ahead of religious educational institutions all over the world.

It is also an honor for the madrassas that the students of Madrassa Bait-ul-Salam Mianwali made Pakistan famous globally by reaching the final round with significant marks in the International Technology Festival in Turkey. The team of four students of the madrassa got the top position in Techno Fest 2020 by getting 87 marks out of 100 in their project.

September 22 to September 27 this year

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