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By | July 31, 2020

👈 * How to tell your husband how much you love him ?? *

(1) The heart of the husband passes through the stomach:
Make a list of your husband’s favorite foods and from time to time make your favorite food for him.

(2) Take care of yourself:
Take care of your cleanliness, make up for your husband.

(3) Save:
Take something for the house by saving from the money that the husband pays for the expenses of the house. Always be thankful to the husband that he is earning money for you day and night.

(4) Do not speak ill of the husband:
Anger is in the nature of every human being, in these moments wrong words come out of the human tongue, control yourself in the state of anger for a better life.

(5) Show interest in the husband’s hobbies:
If the husband has a hobby that you can adopt, then adopt it, such as watching a newsletter or sports on TV, etc. If you can’t do that, then at least appreciate your husband’s hobbies.

(6) Give space to the husband:
Leave the husband alone for some time to spend as he pleases, he can also spend that time with his friends or do any work of his choice, such as going to the gym or doing some car work, etc.

(7) Define:
Avoid unwarranted criticism, get in the habit of uttering medical compliments about your husband, for example, you are a very good father to our children, you look great today, and so on.

(8) Fulfill your responsibilities well.
Do not neglect your responsibilities at home and abroad, but do all the work happily.

(9) Write a letter or note:
The husband will like it if he finds out that you care about him, you think about it, you can express your love in the form of a letter, note or text message.

(10) Praise the husband in front of others:
Tell your friends and family in front of your husband that your husband is very nice and takes good care of you.

(11) Take the initiative to apologize:
If the husband gets angry about something, don’t think about who is at fault, try to settle the matter by apologizing, apologizing shows that you love your husband very much and your training is very good. .

* Why are mistakes being repeated? *

* (Mohammad Amir Khakwani) *

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto became the Prime Minister as a result of the 1988 election. This BB government lasted for 18 months, with demonstrations of political inexperience, haste and bad governance everywhere. Most of the PPP members and ministers were inexperienced. In the 11 years of General Zia’s tenure, the PPP was far from in power. Many people became members of the Assembly for the first time and also got the honor of the ministry for the first time. There would have been a mistake and a joke. Two more factors were at work. In Punjab, there was a Nawaz Sharif government that did its best to give the federal government a tough time. The presidency was constitutionally very powerful. Ghulam Ishaq Khan, a hot and cold man, was the president, he had the support of the establishment. All these things together were thwarting the government, but all of them were aggravated by the inexperience of the Prime Minister and the incompetence of the people around him. I remember one day a gentleman was made an advisor to the Prime Minister, some After a while, it was found out that what was to be made was not made but by mistake another person of the same name was made an advisor who is in fact against the PPP. He was immediately removed and became part of the IJI and began criticizing the PPP. In those days Mian Sahib came to our city Ahmedpur Sharqiya as the Chief Minister. A meeting was held in the grounds of Government High School near my house. I was studying in college in those days, we also joined with our friends. We were also supporters of IJI, anyway, after reading magazines like Takbir, Zindagi, Urdu Digest, anti-PPP sentiments would be on the rise. I remember this meeting. I also gave a smoky speech and claimed that I was not removed, I resigned due to anti-national measures of the PPP. In his speech, Mian Nawaz Sharif called Benazir Bhutto a security risk.
That government of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto lasted for barely eighteen months, the President had dissolved the Assembly, Mian Nawaz won the next election and Bibi got another chance three years later, unfortunately her Assembly was dissolved for the second time. ۔ Well, this is our tainted political history. He wanted to say that we have been hearing and seeing similar inexperienced, hasty, bhant bhant bids for the last two years. The difference is that Punjab has Imran Khan’s government while the president has his own ally and the establishment. Also have an ideal relationship. It has been two years since Imran Khan became the Prime Minister. He has made many mistakes in such a long time, some of which can be called a blunder. Unfortunately, they are not learning from their mistakes. Their inexperience is not turning into experience by not learning anything even after successive mistakes. Now this is not a case of inexperience but clearly a case of incompetence but the worst incompetence. In that case, even if fifty years of experience is given, it does not matter. A strange thing is the haste in government decisions. What is the need for such haste? Rulers need to control their nerves, make informed decisions, consult in a timely manner and take stock of future issues. Nothing like this is seen in the present government.
The decision to suddenly increase petrol prices to Rs 25 a few days ago was also strange. Why such sudden haste? No one has any answer. Four days later the prices had to be changed, then it would have been done. Suddenly petrol became expensive by Rs. Everyone offered prayers to the government and Imran Khan. No average political government would have made such an unpopular decision, but Khan Sahib took the burden with laughter and joy.
The decision to lock down because of Corona was also taken in strange and mysterious circumstances. Initially, Khan was reluctant, but at the time, international organizations and doctors in the country were supporting the lockdown to end the Corona before it spread. Imran Khan suddenly appeared on the TV screen on Sunday afternoon and he Has a plethora of arguments for not locking down. Imran Khan came to address the nation on a holiday which is not considered very appropriate. Well people understood that due to the urgency of the time, the Prime Minister wants to put his position before the nation. An interesting thing happened when just three or four hours later, the Punjab government announced a lockdown in the province. Whoever heard it was shocked. I don’t understand why the Prime Minister spoke against it if he had to do a lockdown. The Punjab government cannot do anything against his will. It is possible that later some facts came to the notice of the Prime Minister on which he gave permission to Punjab for lockdown. The question is, why did you show such haste before?
Three or four days ago, it was suddenly decided to lock down in connection with Eid-ul-Adha. I believe that corona spreads from people meeting each other, shopping, etc. on the small Eid. All this was feared to be repeated on the big Eid. In this sense, there is a logical justification for locking down on Eid. The question is whether the Prime Minister or the government was suddenly told this morning to get up, wake up, Eid is coming this week, please do something. Everyone knows that the big Eid will come two months and ten days after the small Eid. Yes, the government should have planned in advance, accordingly it would have announced its schedule. They should have made it clear ten or fifteen days ago that there would be a lockdown on Eid. This would have meant that the

business community, shopkeepers would not have called for stocks for Eid. When the government did not do so, the shopkeepers ordered extra items for Eid. Now everything is dumped.Several months of lockdown had broken her back, there was some hope from the Eid season, she was devastated. As a result, millions of shopkeepers are offering prayers and curses to the government.
There was also an aspect of people’s shopping. Eid is Eid anyway, as simple as it is to celebrate, something has to be taken. Suddenly the announcement of the lockdown created chaos, this evening in cities like Lahore, most of the roads were jammed with traffic, there was a huge rush at the shops. Couldn’t Corona have spread in this rush? The simplest way was to give at least two days before the lockdown. The hours of the shops would have been extended and the closing time would have been 12 midnight instead of 7 pm. The shopkeepers would have insisted on banning SOPs. The advantage was that people could easily get the job done in two days. Due to the time till 12 o’clock, the rush would not increase and the shopkeepers would also earn something. Unfortunately, there is no one in the Prime Minister’s team who belongs to the middle class or has been from the middle class in the past, the government does not know the problems of the people.
Two special assistants to the prime minister resigned yesterday. A strange situation arose on this too. Aides claim that he resigned on his own, while the government continued to spread rumors that he had resigned. What is this resignation? There are only two ways, the government unhappily removes him from office, ie sacks him or whoever is intended to save him from this disgrace, he is called and asked to resign. driving steering wheel in their hands or they are trying to get it in our hands, while the people in the back seats can’t do anything else. I keep signaling to turn. The Prime Minister has no control over his cabinet. How dare a minister criticize public advisers and special assistants. No matter how long the debate is, no one has the right to go out and object or disagree. If he is not satisfied, he should resign from the cabinet.
Khan is constantly repeating mistakes. There is a political price for every mistake. Imran Khan is rapidly becoming unpopular by laying down his assets. Soon he will become a burden that no one will be able to bear despite wanting to.

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