Have you ever translated My Status into Urdu?

By | July 30, 2020

With apologies
Have you ever translated My Status into Urdu?
Status is an English word that translates to status (times)
Dear sisters and brothers, is it your position to put the national concubines of Nachti Tuk Tuk on the status quo ?? Do you have the status of times ??? You recite once a week on Friday. How do you show your status in 6 days a week? Most of the more than 200 friends used to see the status of siblings. The recitation of the Holy Quran used to be everywhere. Alas, is this our status (times)? We ourselves are confessing our sins and making others witnesses to it. Instead of covering up their sins and asking for repentance, they are promoting it. Singing and spreading obscenity and committing sins by seeing and hearing others. Can you bear the burden of the sins of others as well as yourself? Do we have so many status (times)? You also think what is your status (times)? 🙏
I apologize if any of my words offended my brother or sister.


A burning fire on a hill

A translation of an African folk tale

Translation: Dr. Khalid Sohail

People say that in the old days there used to be a young man named Arha in the city of Addis Ababa. He had moved from the village to the city as a boy. And a wealthy businessman was employed by Hastam Hasai.

Hastam Hasayi was so rich that he bought everything that wealth could buy. His heart was full of the luxuries of life so sometimes he would feel bored in his life.

One cold night, when the cold wind was blowing all around, Hastam ordered Irha to gather firewood. When the fire has burned, the hestum is like, how much cold can a person endure? He was talking to himself. Is it possible for a human being to spend the whole night on the top of Antuto hill without blankets, clothes and fire and not die? ,

I don’t know, he said, but wouldn’t that be foolish?
Maybe if man does not get his reward. But I’m willing to bet

I’m sure a brave man can stand on a hilltop all night but as far as I’m concerned I have nothing to bet on,

“If you’re convinced that man can do it, I’m willing to bet with you,” said Hastam. If you spend the whole night on the top of Antuto without clothes and fire, I will give you ten acres of land, a house and cattle as a reward.

Are you kidding or are you serious? Arha couldn’t believe her ears.
“I keep my word,” said Hastam
If so, I’ll try my luck tomorrow night and then rest all my life

He kept his promise but was very upset. He had lost his life. He knew that spending the night on top of a hill was no child’s play and that surviving this cold was nothing short of a miracle. Arha knew a man Jahandida in this city who was very wise. He went to see this wise man. The old man listened to Arha’s words and condition and said, I will help you. A few miles from Antuto’s Hill is a high cliff overlooking the top of Antuto’s hill. Tomorrow evening, when the sun sets, I will light a fire on this rock so that you can see it from the top of Antoto. You watch this fire all night and think about its warmth, warmth and me, your friend. I will sit by the fire all night for you. If you can do this despite the cold and darkness, you will be safe in the morning.

Arha thanked the elder warmly and went home with a light heart. The next day, Hastam sent Arha and his staff to the top of Antuto in the afternoon. As soon as night came, Irha took off her clothes and stood naked in the cool air on the top of the hill. On the other side of the valley, Arha saw the fire that his old friend had lit for him. That fire was burning like a star in the darkness.

As the night deepened, the coolness of Arha’s flesh passed through the poppy and reached his bones. The top of the mountain became as cold as snow. Every hour he became numb. There was a time when he was afraid that he would die from the cold, but he did not divert his attention from the fire and kept thinking that his old friend was encouraging him.

Sometimes the fog would come in front of the flame for a few moments, but he would stare until the fog cleared and he could see the fire again. He shivered, coughed, and shivered all night, but remained steadfast in his place. When morning came, he got dressed and went down the hill.

I was very surprised to see Hastam Arha alive. He asked the servants
Did Arha stay up all night without clothes and fire? ,
Yes, all the servants answered together
You are a very brave man, Hastam acknowledged the greatness of Arha
But tell me, how did you do all this? ,
I’ve been focusing all night on a fire burning on a rock,

, what did you say. You kept watching the fire. You lost the bet. You will be my servant now. You will not receive any reward,

But that fire was far away. She was on the other side of the valley. I didn’t feel the heat at all,
No, I don’t believe in anything, you lost the bet. This fire kept you alive,
I was very upset. He went to his old friend and told him the whole story.
Take the matter to the city judge, the old friend advised.

Arha went to the city judge and complained. The judge summoned Hastam and his servants to court. When Hastam told his story and the servants said that he had been watching the fire burning on the rock all night long, the judge said
Well, you lost the bet. Hastam bet you would spend the night without fire,

Arha was once again disappointed and went to his old friend for advice and said that all his efforts were in vain. He is destined to live like a servant.
Don’t give up hope, Dana Dost said, there is more justice in the forests than in the courts of the city.

The old man got up and went to a man named Hilo. This was the man in whose house he worked as a servant as a boy. He told Hilo the painful story of Arha and asked for help.

Hello was also a wise man, he said after thinking for a while
Don’t worry, I’ll solve this problem,

A few days later, Hilo arranged a wonderful feast and

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