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By | July 24, 2020

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* Fri- Jul 24,2020- 8:00 AM *

I was hearing from some quarters about some of the big hospitals in Lahore that the patient who gets into their hands does not take off his skin and return it, he will get the price from somewhere but social media But where there are true stories, there are many false stories in large numbers, so I do not believe in unverified stories, but yesterday a learned friend of mine, Naseer Khan, on the phone with his father-in-law who The incident proves that these hospitals are not only looting but also negligent. Khan Sahib said that when his father-in-law got pneumonia, he took him to a similar hospital where Rs. 100,000 was received before the patient was admitted and then it was reported that the patient had coronary heart disease and At the same time, they have been transferred to a separate ward and their blood samples have been sent to the laboratory for confirmation or non-confirmation of Corona. My friends say that instead of a doctor in this ward, only nurses and cleaning staff were seen coming in. The next day, it was reported that both the kidneys of the patient have failed. The elderly man was shifted to Sheikh Zayed Hospital where it was found that both his kidneys were functioning properly. When the doctors of the concerned hospital were told that your report was not correct, they said that there may be an error in the diagnosis but the report of Corona was not received till yesterday. According to my friend, the condition of the patient in Sheikh Zayed Hospital is gradually improving and yes, in addition to the one lakh rupees taken in advance in this expensive hospital, fifty thousand more were received.

If this is indeed the case and there is no apparent reason for disbelief, then this is a very sad attitude, but no matter who we cry for, wherever we go, similar scenes will be seen everywhere. There is a mafia that dominates every sector. Food items are now becoming out of reach of the average Pakistani, rising “fees” for transfers and postings in government departments are being heard, education has become so expensive that complexes The beleagured lower middle class also seems to want their children to enroll in schools and colleges whose fees are the same as the monthly salary here, but due to the lack of government hospitals and their poor condition, there is no place for patients. When they find and find a place, the relatives always look forward to the safe return of their patient!

In these circumstances, at present, we do not prolong the talk of other departments, only talk of medical treatment, so where there is an urgent need for “repair” of other departments and new government hospitals, a friend also made this suggestion. That the government should give a stern warning to the private hospitals that if they do not stop this series of looting and negligence, the government will nationalize these hospitals in the same way as Bhutto nationalized the factories but it is neither possible nor possible. This will improve the situation, but also the condition of the hospitals will be the same as the industry of Bhutto’s era, ie these hospitals will be closed. Another suggestion was to form a Board of Governors to prevent these hospitals from becoming “outlawed”. In my opinion, this is not expected to improve either, because after the lust for money that the society has fallen victim to, there is also the possibility that the owners of the hospitals will get some of the “booty”. The rioters will continue their previous approach by “donating” members.

Then what to do! Just to not get sick and even if Badal has to be unwilling, then these expensive hospitals should be turned to the world of extreme compulsion, I know that this proposal is also going to sprinkle salt on the wounds. However, there are great minds in the government, some of them have dual citizenship (dual citizenship?), They have come from outside, they will eat sweets and then go out, but before they go, use their fertile minds and some Develop a system that can be applied to individuals and institutions in this corrupt society. Even if they do so much work, some of their sins will be rooted. I refused to get a US passport in 1971 and came back to Pakistan, so I am very stupid, I lost the whole column and filled it with straw. No “chaj” could come to mind. Now I am throwing this hair to those friends who are in government and are “indigenous”, go ahead and take the prayers of poor and middle Pakistanis … Healthy Pakistanis are the guarantee of a healthy Pakistan!


ᡐᡒʳᡉ ᡘʳᡈᡘ α΅–α΅’Λ’α΅—Λ’ ᡐᡉ
ʲᡒⁱⁿ ᡐʸ ʷʰᡃᡗ˒ ᡃᡖᡖ β€œα΄°α΅ƒβ±Λ‘ΚΈ ᡘʳᡈᡘ αΆœα΅’Λ‘α΅˜α΅βΏΛ’β€
ᡗʸᡖᡉ ⁿᡃᡐᡉ & αΆœβ±α΅—ΚΈ & ᡐᡉ ᡐᡉ ᡐʸ ᡐʸ ʷʰᡃᡗ˒
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